Paysan Breton (director’s cut)

My last commercial for Paysan Breton directed in collaboration with Emmanuelle & Julien.
Films : Madame Loïk & FLeur de sel.

Team :
Production: Eddy
Director of photography : Alexandra de Saint Blanquat
Agency: Mullenlowe Paris
Producer : Nicolas de Rosanbo
Production manager : Gilles Pinaudeau
Post-production : Brunch studios

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Live action & animation commercial in a modern Tex Avery style for the french brand “Père Dodu”.


Director : Stéphane Berla
Director of photography : Pierre Barougier
Production : Eddy
Producer : Nicolas de Rosanbo
Producer : Alexandra Roussel
Production manager : Gilles Pinaudeau

Agency : McCann Paris
TV prod : Matthieu Tombarelle

Client Père Dodu

Production designer : Tomas Jaros
Production service : Starlite Pictures
Executive Producer : Petr Keller

Editing : Rachel Fourgous
Post-production : Nightshift
Animation :Ornelie Prioul
Animation :Amelie Maurice
Animation :David Devaux
Animation :Virginie Izoulet
Animation studio : Brunch

Père dodu cordon bleu
PERE_DODU_CORDON_BLEU_SANS_ MS_170403 (0-00-05-23)
PERE_DODU_CORDON_BLEU_SANS_ MS_170403 (0-00-09-22)
PERE_DODU_CORDON_BLEU_SANS_ MS_170403 (0-00-03-13)
PERE_DODU_CORDON_BLEU_SANS_ MS_170403 (0-00-06-00)

10 years after “La cerise” (The cherry on the cake), I am very happy to sign the new music video of the band Matmatah for their great return.

Réalisateur : Stéphane Berla
Director: Stéphane Berla
Music : Matmatah
Label : Uptonpark
Production : 5 février production
Producer : Agathe Nony
Actor : Grégoire Baujat
Director of photography : Eric Genillier
Editing : Thomas Courcelle
3D / FX : Tetsuo Studio (Ludo & Charles)
Make up FX : Eric Ducron
Grading : Pierre Laurent

MASTER 422HQ Real (0-01-07-09)

MASTER 422HQ Real (0-02-57-11)

MASTER 422HQ Real (0-03-32-24)

MASTER 422HQ Real (0-04-04-03)

MASTER 422HQ Real (0-03-29-20)


Skoll – Tuborg

I have just finished this commercial for Skoll :
Skoll – Tuborg

Director : Stéphane Berla
Agency : LaChose
Client : Skoll – Tuborg
Production : Eddy
Producer : Corry Van-Rhijn
Production manager : Aymeric Mosser
Actor : Enok Groven
Director of photography : Luis Armando Arteaga
Set designer : Serge Borgel
Editing / grading : Nightshift
Casting : Sonia Cascino