Music video

  • Smoke gets in your eyes
    Smoke gets in your eyes Music Composed by Jerome Kern & Otto Harbach Trumpet : Marvin Peterson Animation : Stéphane Berla
  • Run Run Run
    Run Run Run A new animated test done on Quill with Blender + Eevee. Music : Chinese Man
  • Matmatah – A marée haute (version couleur)
    Matmatah – A marée haute (version couleur) 10 years after “La cerise” (The cherry on the cake), I am very happy to sign the new music video of the band Matmatah for their great return.
  • Megalo Meloman
    Megalo Meloman We re just back from a shooting for a mini clip I wanted to knit for my friend Sandy Lavallart The situation became a bit tricky as we had some trouble to manage all the extras.    
  • Jack and the Cuckoo-clock Heart (music video)
    Jack and the Cuckoo-clock Heart (music video) Music video directed by Stéphane Berla for the band Dionysos. Extracts from the Movie “Jack and the cuckoo-clock Heart” © 2013 EuropaCorp — Duran — France 3 Cinéma directed by Mathias Malzieu & Stéphane Berla. In theather 5 february 2014 Thank you very much to Yamil and Julio Le Parc […]
  • Tom Cloudman – Dionysos
    Tom Cloudman – Dionysos Music video for Dionysos.
  • Happy New Year !
    Happy New Year ! ——————————– Happy New Year ! ——————————– Music : 2043 – Dionysos & Alain Bashung Directed by : Stéphane Berla Images in the praxinoscope extracted from the movie “Jack and The Cuckoo-clock Heart”
  • – M – Est-ce que c’est ça ?
    – M – Est-ce que c’est ça ? Music video for Matthieu Chedid mixing live action and animation
  • Tais-toi mon coeur – Dionysos
    Tais-toi mon coeur – Dionysos Story After “Neige”, it is my second music video for the french band Dionysos & Olivia Ruiz. dionysos_tais_toi_mon_coeur_master.flv Details “Tais-toi mon coeur” is a song from the album “La Mécanique du coeur”. This album is a sort of a soundtrack composed for the book written by Mathias Malzieu, “La Mécanique […]
  • Café bouillu (Jean-François Coen)
    Café bouillu (Jean-François Coen) Story Café bouillu is a music video of the song of the French singer Jean-François COEN, an early client of Michel GONDRY. Details A cut-out paper person revolves in a merry-go-round. Progressively he realizes that his universe is not the thing that’s spinning. Taken from Vive l’amour, the second solo […]
  • Inside Outside (Gaétan Roussel)
    Inside Outside (Gaétan Roussel) Music video for Gaétan Roussel
  • Neige (Dionysos)
    Neige (Dionysos) Story The last Dionysos video mixing animation, real shots and images of archives. The song is a tribute to the disappeared mom of the singer Mathias. The video tells the story of a puppet which tries to escape from a snow ball into which the marionette is imprisoned for years. […]
  • The Cherry on the cake (Matmatah)
    The Cherry on the cake (Matmatah) Story The last music video for the french band Matmatah. The lyrics are talking about religion. Details It was a great experience for me because we made it with a very small team. Most part of the time, we were 3 on the set.
  • Let the music (Louis XVI Burger)
    Let the music (Louis XVI Burger) Story A music video for the mad creatures of the french band “Louis XVI Burger”. These monsters were built especially for this video. Details Evil puppets from hell wanna dance but are rejected at the door of a club. They go back in their crypt to set up a machiavelic […]
  • In my heart
    In my heart Story An experimental movie for the international contest organized by Moby. Details I have done it in 2 days.
  • Supernatural
    Supernatural Story This music video is a mix of animation and live action. It has been directed for the french band Eight. Details Captn’V will try to save the girl from Madjestic Vicious and Poodle Killer.
  • Weapons Factory
    Weapons Factory Story An experimental video for OTX, a french electronic music artist. This video has won different prizes all over the world. Details The destruction of a weapons factory in France. The concept was to link the images to the music.