My commercial for Crackers Belin staring Monaco, Croustille & Chipster.

Crédits :

Director : Stéphane Berla
Director of photography : Alexandra de Saint Blanquat
Production: Eddy
Agency: BETC
Producer : Jean-François Bourrel
Production manager : Louis Paquier
CGI & Post-production : Brunch studios
Character design : Antonin Herveet
Animation 2D : Jean-Baptiste Bertholom & Ornélie Prioul
Production designer (miniature): Juan Carlos Soler
Production designer (living room): Clara & Nina Labbé

  • Happy New Year !
    Happy New Year !
  • Grand Vampire
    Grand Vampire
  • Let the music (Louis XVI Burger)
    Let the music (Louis XVI Burger)
  • – M – Est-ce que c’est ça ?
    – M – Est-ce que c’est ça ?
  • Monsavon – bétisier
    Monsavon – bétisier
  • Wrestling
  • Scoub 2
    Scoub 2
  • The Farewell
    The Farewell
  • Princess softy hair
    Princess softy hair
  • Homeoplasmine
  • Run Run Run
    Run Run Run
  • The Quillboy
    The Quillboy
  • Belin Pita Crack
    Belin Pita Crack
  • Florian l’asticot
    Florian l’asticot

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