My first short. I have directed it during my first year at the ESRA. It was a good success for my first (professionnal) video.


Michael is insulated more and more and will rock gradually in a nightmarish world.

Michael : Rémi GUILLON
Voice of the father :  François GODART
Voice of the girl friend :  Caroline DERUAS
Director : Stéphane BERLA
Editing : Grégory VIVAT
Original Music  :Olivier MANGANELLI
Original Music  :Stéphane BERLA
Camera operator  :Thomas XENAKIS
Location & unit manager : Carine SLUPSKI
First assistant director  :Denis KHAMPHOU
First assistant director  :Caroline DERUAS
Director of Photography  :Emmanuel GOMEZ
Director of Photography : Benoît GAND
Sound design  :Olivier MANGANELLI
Sound mix  :Josselin NALTET
make up  :Claudine PORA
Continuity girl  :Christelle MARIENNEAU
Production manager  :Nadiège ST-LOUIS-AUGUSTIN
Key grip : Grégory VIVAT
Casting  : Caroline DERUAS
Casting  : Christelle MARIENNEAU

  • Jack and the Cuckoo-clock Heart (music video)
    Jack and the Cuckoo-clock Heart (music video)
  • Rabbin tap
    Rabbin tap
  • Tom Cloudman – Dionysos
    Tom Cloudman – Dionysos
  • Panzani
  • The Circus
    The Circus
  • Let the music (Louis XVI Burger)
    Let the music (Louis XVI Burger)
  • – M – Est-ce que c’est ça ?
    – M – Est-ce que c’est ça ?
  • Apreva – Senior
    Apreva – Senior
  • Scoub 2
    Scoub 2

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