Café bouillu is a music video of the song of the French singer Jean-François COEN, an early client of Michel GONDRY.


A cut-out paper person revolves in a merry-go-round. Progressively he realizes that his universe is not the thing that’s spinning. Taken from Vive l’amour, the second solo album of Coen, this song is based on a french saying: café bouillu, café foutu. Member of the Modern Guy until they break up in 1981, Jean François Coen release his first solo album only in 1993, gaining a good success with The Tower of Pise.

Director : Stéphane Berla
Music : Jean-François Coen
Production : LN Prod
Animation 3D : Magic Lab
Label : Barclay
– Selected at International Animated festival “Les Nuits Magiques”
– Selected at the Bradford Animation Festival, biggest animated UK festival
– Broadcasting on the BBC for the Bradfor film festival
– Selected at the “Festival Nouvelle Génération de Lyon”.
– Selected at the Ottawa Animated film festival
– Selected at the “Open Air Filmest of Weiterstadt” in Germany
– Selected at the SIGGRAPH 2006
– Selected at the “Cartoon Club – International Festival of Animation and Comics ” at Rimini in Italy
– Selected at “ANIMAMUNDI, Animated Film Festival in Brazil”.
– Selected at the Animated International Film Festival of Annecy
– Selected at the “One dot Zero 2006” in London
– Selected at the “SICAF, International Film Festival of Seoul”
– Selected at the ANIMAGO Animation Film Festival.Café Bouillu won the 2nd Prize in the Best Music Video category.
– Selected at the Trickfilm Internationnal Film Festival of Stuttgart
– Selected at the Bang Festival at Nottingham.
– Selected at the Festival Anifest 2006.
– Selected at Imagina
– Selected at the Festival “BIMINI” in Latvia.
– Selected at the Mediawave Festival in Hungary.
– Selected at the “ANIMAC 2006” ANimation Film Festival in Spain.
– Broadcasted on W9.
– Selected at the International Music & Movies Festival of Auxerre
– Nice review in PROMO
– Selected at the MIMPI, Music & Film International Festival
– Selected at the Festival International des Arts du Clip

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