We re just back from a shooting for a mini clip I wanted to knit for my friend Sandy Lavallart
The situation became a bit tricky as we had some trouble to manage all the extras.

Director: Stéphane Berla
Music : Sandy Lavallart
Director of photography : Reynald Capurro
Special effects : Stéphane Berla
Additional effects : Didier Vallez
Costume design : Sarah Monfort & Emmanuelle Pastre


– November 2015 : I will be part of the jury of the Cutout Fest 2015 in Queretaro (Mexico).


– 11 may 2015 : Corti Da Sogni Festival from the 13 to the 16 may at Ravenna
Corti Da Sogni
-10 may 2015 : Très Court International Film Festival

Très court international Film Festival
-08 may 2015 : The Rendezvous Film Festival (RFF) Board of Directors at Amelia Island, Florida

Rendezvous film festivalRendezvous film festival
– novembre 2014 : Megalo Meloman won the golden prize of the best music video at  Cutout Fest.

cutout festival
– 19/04/2014 : Amazing ! Youtube just shared Megalo Meloman, my music video for Sandy Lavallart on Tweeter :

Twitter / YouTube : Music videos don’t get much more epic than this.

15/04/2014 : Megalo Meloman is Vimeo Staff pick !!!
Vimeo Staff PicksVimeo Staff Picks


  • La route
    La route
  • Happy New Year !
    Happy New Year !
  • Weapons Factory
    Weapons Factory
  • Run Run Run
    Run Run Run
  • Paysan Breton (director’s cut)
    Paysan Breton (director’s cut)
  • Skoll – Tuborg
    Skoll – Tuborg
  • Pink Lady
    Pink Lady
  • Megalo Meloman
    Megalo Meloman
  • The Cherry on the cake (Matmatah)
    The Cherry on the cake (Matmatah)
  • Smoke gets in your eyes
    Smoke gets in your eyes
  • Matmatah – A marée haute (version couleur)
    Matmatah – A marée haute (version couleur)
  • Matmatah – A marée haute
    Matmatah – A marée haute
  • Tom Cloudman – Dionysos
    Tom Cloudman – Dionysos

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