The last Dionysos video mixing animation, real shots and images of archives. The song is a tribute to the disappeared mom of the singer Mathias. The video tells the story of a puppet which tries to escape from a snow ball into which the marionette is imprisoned for years.


This music video is a mix of animation, live action and movie archives of the singer.

– Selected at “Animago 2007” festival in Germany
– Selected at “Potenza International Film Festival” in Italy
– Selected at “Ofensiva” film festival in Poland
– Selected at BALKANIMA festival at Belgradz
– Selected at ANIMA07 animated film festival in Spain
– Selected at Bitfilm
– Selected at PIAFF international festival in Selected at in “Best Music video Category”
– Selected at PIAFF Protoclip Music video Festival
– Homepage of Yahoo France for 1 day
– Premiere at the International Music Video Festival in France
Director : Stéphane Berla
Production : LN Prod
3D studio : Magic Lab
Supervision 3D : Arthur GORDON
Character designer : Sylvain MARC
Director of photography: Thomas Letellier

Réalisateur : Stéphane Berla
—— PROD ——-
Coproduction : MAGIC LAB
Producteurs : Georges & Nicole HANOUNA
Graphism / Post-Production: Magic Lab
Supervision 3D : Arthur GORDON
Production Artist: Léon BERELLE
Production Artist : Thierry ONILLON
Production Artist : Benjamin DEVAUX
Production Artist : Sébastien
Production Artist : Nicolas LESAFFRE
Production Artist : Maxime LUERE
Production Artist : Olivier VERNAY
Production Artist : Rémi KOZYRA
Gestion de projet : Thibaud de la Touanne
Production manager : Grégory MONRO
Director of photography : : Thomas LETELLIER
Décorateur : Yann LE VERRE
Régisseur général : Matthieu DUBOIS
Régisseur général : Thomas PESNEL
Maquilleuse : Nathalie CASAERT
Chef électricien : Antoine BONFILS
1er Assistant opérateur : Charles SAUTREUIL
Electricien: Chouchou

  • Strings of Hell
    Strings of Hell
  • Tom Cloudman – Dionysos
    Tom Cloudman – Dionysos
  • The Cherry on the cake (Matmatah)
    The Cherry on the cake (Matmatah)
  • Crackers Belin – The Backstage
    Crackers Belin – The Backstage
  • Paysan Breton (director’s cut)
    Paysan Breton (director’s cut)
  • Weapons Factory
    Weapons Factory
  • Matmatah – A marée haute (version couleur)
    Matmatah – A marée haute (version couleur)
  • Pink Lady
    Pink Lady
  • Grand vampire (second part)
    Grand vampire (second part)
  • – M – Est-ce que c’est ça ?
    – M – Est-ce que c’est ça ?
  • Smoke gets in your eyes
    Smoke gets in your eyes
  • Knascrountch
  • Run Run Run
    Run Run Run
  • The Quillboy
    The Quillboy

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  1. Hello again, I just wanted to show you my review of scenery, it was not exactly right, but an attempt was made


    PS. Congratulations, you saw the progress of the movie of the mechanics of the heart

    • by admin

      Hello Iaret, thank you so much for this picture, It is great !!! 🙂

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