Music Composed by Jerome Kern & Otto Harbach
Trumpet : Marvin Peterson
Animation : Stéphane Berla

  • Pink Lady
    Pink Lady
  • Crackers Belin – The Backstage
    Crackers Belin – The Backstage
  • Café bouillu (Jean-François Coen)
    Café bouillu (Jean-François Coen)
  • The Quillboy
    The Quillboy
  • Happy New Year !
    Happy New Year !
  • Megalo Meloman
    Megalo Meloman
  • Mayan Wishes
    Mayan Wishes
  • Monsavon – bétisier
    Monsavon – bétisier
  • Grand vampire (second part)
    Grand vampire (second part)
  • Knascrountch
  • Run Run Run
    Run Run Run
  • The Quillboy
    The Quillboy
  • Belin Pita Crack
    Belin Pita Crack

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