This Boiron film was directed by Stéphane Berla in Chez Eddy’s animation studio, thanks to Marina Coudray’s original designs.

One of the film’s intentions was to create a particularly textured and organic environment, which gives the impression it is a painting in motion, with a dynamic animation. Generally animated films are made of pictures with very precise outlines to facilitate the animation, howhever this is clearly not true here, so the project was complex.
To get this render, it was necessary to work with lots of layers in TV Paint to have a result very closed to the designs.
Then the animated elements were integrated in a 3D environment which enabled to do all the camera motions, and all the ink stains and watercolour transitions (which were shot).
The animation is in 6 frames per seconds: to lighten the production, but also for artistic reasons: as the characters are very textured, the outlines would have moved too fast with more frames, which would have lacked of elegance. “The old man and the sea” by Alexander petrov, was one of the references. Yet some parts must have been worked in 12 frames per seconds during wider movements.

Client : Boiron
Production : Swan
Agence : Swan / Indiana
Director : Stéphane Berla
Design : Marina Coudray
Animation studio : Chez Eddy
Lead animator : Patrick Imbert
Animator : Matthieu Gaillard
Compositing : Nicolas Hu
Music (not the official version) : Sandy Lavallart

  • Grand vampire (second part)
    Grand vampire (second part)
  • Monsavon – bétisier
    Monsavon – bétisier
  • Tom Cloudman – Dionysos
    Tom Cloudman – Dionysos
  • Apreva – Senior
    Apreva – Senior
  • The Circus
    The Circus
  • Tais-toi mon coeur – Dionysos
    Tais-toi mon coeur – Dionysos
  • Mayan Wishes
    Mayan Wishes
  • Grand Vampire
    Grand Vampire
  • The Quillboy
    The Quillboy
  • Smoke gets in your eyes
    Smoke gets in your eyes
  • Knascrountch
  • Run Run Run
    Run Run Run
  • The Quillboy
    The Quillboy

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