This music video is a mix of animation and live action. It has been directed for the french band Eight.


Captn’V will try to save the girl from Madjestic Vicious and Poodle Killer.

. Selected at the Festival International des Arts du Clip

. Selected at the Sherbrooke Festival

. Broadcasted on M6

. Broadcasted on W9

. Broadcasted on TraceTV

. Boradcasted on MTV-UK in MTV-DANCE

. Broadcasted on MCM

Capt’n V : Michel FRANCINI

Rebecca Ford : Moon DAILLY
Madjestic Vicious : Michel DEBRANE
Poodle Killer : Flesh GORDON
Sherif Walker Johnson : Pierre SAINTONS

 Director Stéphane : BERLA
Editing : Stéphane BERLA
Location & unit manager : Grégory LESUEUR
Location & unit manager : Pierre-Emmanuel LEGOFF
Location & unit manager : Benjamin STIERLE
First assistant director : Victor BAUSSONNIE
Director of Photography : Jean-Philippe POLO
Sound design : Alexandre VOYER
Sound design : Adrien BLAMONT
make up : Gilles ALLAN
Lighting crew : Jérôme THELLIER
Continuity girl : Catherine REGOL
Production manager : Eric SERIES
Key grip : Anne-Laure ABBATTISTA
Casting : Grégory MONRO
Music company : SOUNDJUICE Records
Production : SOUNDJUICE Records
coproduction : BANDITS PRODUCTION Link
coproduction : Stéphane BERLA
Artist : Eight
Executive producer : BANDITS PRODUCTION
Graphist : Nicolas LESAFFRE
Graphist : Julien BARE
Graphist : Laurent FRADET
Graphist : Stéphane BERLA
Graphist : Arnaud BAUDRY
Graphist : Céranne GANTZER
Graphist : Fabien VANTROYS
Graphist : Amelle MAHOUAST
Producer : Frédéric BLAMONT
Second assistant director : Emilie LEMOINE
First camera assistant : Nicolas MARTIN
Stylist : Cécile DULAC
Stylist:  Chouchane ABELLO
Costume designer : Mélodie HERROU
Key grip master : Jérémie TONDOWSKI
Lightning crew : Aurélian PECHMEJA
Lightning crew  :Aurélia GUERITAULT
Props : Yann LE VERRE
Post-production supervisor : Denis BRUNIER
Color calibration : La maison
Color calibration : Michael

  • In my heart
    In my heart
  • Café bouillu (Jean-François Coen)
    Café bouillu (Jean-François Coen)
  • Happy New Year !
    Happy New Year !
  • Mayan Wishes
    Mayan Wishes
  • Pink Lady
    Pink Lady
  • Neige (Dionysos)
    Neige (Dionysos)
  • Scoub 2
    Scoub 2
  • Supernatural
  • Homeoplasmine

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