Old stuffs

  • Apreva – Senior
    Apreva – Senior Commercial for Apreva with cutes pink puppets.
  • Happy New Year !
    Happy New Year ! ——————————– Happy New Year ! ——————————– Music : 2043 – Dionysos & Alain Bashung Directed by : Stéphane Berla Images in the praxinoscope extracted from the movie “Jack and The Cuckoo-clock Heart”
  • Stéphane Berla old Showreel
    Stéphane Berla old Showreel My showreel.
  • The Cherry on the cake (Matmatah)
    The Cherry on the cake (Matmatah) Story The last music video for the french band Matmatah. The lyrics are talking about religion. Details It was a great experience for me because we made it with a very small team. Most part of the time, we were 3 on the set.
  • Let the music (Louis XVI Burger)
    Let the music (Louis XVI Burger) Story A music video for the mad creatures of the french band “Louis XVI Burger”. These monsters were built especially for this video. Details Evil puppets from hell wanna dance but are rejected at the door of a club. They go back in their crypt to set up a machiavelic […]
  • Campaign Monsavon
    Campaign Monsavon 4 films publicitaires pour Monsavon
  • Monsavon – bétisier
    Monsavon – bétisier Commercial for Monsavon
  • La route
    La route Commercial for Holidayauto
  • The Circus
    The Circus Commercial for Holiday auto
  • Wrestling
    Wrestling Commercial for Holidayauto
  • Scoub 2
    Scoub 2 Story The second episod of Scoub, the world acclaimed parody of Scooby Doo. Details Scoub and is friend are pursued by a big truck. A short film between Scooby Doo, Duel and … Scoub 1.
  • Rabbin tap
    Rabbin tap
  • Monster TV
    Monster TV Story A commercial that I have directed for a contest organized by MTV. It wons the third prize. Details This commercial is about the birth of “Monster TV”. This video was made in an German Expressionist style.
  • In my heart
    In my heart Story An experimental movie for the international contest organized by Moby. Details I have done it in 2 days.
  • Supernatural
    Supernatural Story This music video is a mix of animation and live action. It has been directed for the french band Eight. Details Captn’V will try to save the girl from Madjestic Vicious and Poodle Killer.
  • Weapons Factory
    Weapons Factory Story An experimental video for OTX, a french electronic music artist. This video has won different prizes all over the world. Details The destruction of a weapons factory in France. The concept was to link the images to the music.
  • Biobreak
    Biobreak Story My first short. I have directed it during my first year at the ESRA. It was a good success for my first (professionnal) video. Details Michael is insulated more and more and will rock gradually in a nightmarish world.