Smoke gets in your eyes

Music Composed by Jerome Kern & Otto Harbach
Trumpet : Marvin Peterson
Animation : Stéphane Berla

My new commercial for Belin :

BELIN2_master_stef_vimeo from Stéphane Berla on Vimeo.

Credits :

Director : Stéphane Berla
Director of photography : Alexandra de Saint Blanquat
Production: Eddy
Agency: BETC
Producer : Emilie Walmsley
Production manager : Maud Folléa
CGI & Post-production : Brunch studios
Character design & anim 2D : Jean-Baptiste Bertholom
Animation 3D : Benoit Bargeton
Production designer : Morgane Baux

Thanks to Manuel Cam studio, Jean-Louis Padis and Simon Guesrel